Cats can be a form of fun and great amusement. When given the right care and environment, a cat will always give their unconditional love. The biggest mistake made by owners, is that cats require little attention. Cats are very affectionate when shown the same. Many people believe you are a reflection of your cat. Bad tempered people, usually have bad tempered cats. If your home is free of stress or intimidation your cat is less stressed and more in control of his environment.

We all think that cats are able to keep themselves clean without us. You know that is not the real world. A cat that spends most of their time cleaning, is because they are not being provided a clean environment. Cats can suffer and develop a higher chance of fur balls from not being brushed regularly, also decease from dirty litter boxes. Maintaining a clean place for them will create a healthy cat and home. So we recommend the following tips on how to properly care for your cat or cats

1) Always keep the litter box clean. Clean the box of cat duties. This helps to promote a cat that keeps himself clean, with less chance of getting decease.

2) Allow your cat both dry and wet food daily.

3) Never feed your cat human food.

4) Do not over feed your cat. They maybe sweet when they ask for food. We all understand, animals do not know when too much is not enough.

5) Keep a fresh bowl of water for them at all times.

6) Always groom your cat at least 2 to 3 times a week. This helps prevent fur balls and promotes a healthy coat.

7) Always have an annual checkup. Cats are the most least likely to see any signs of aliment until it’s too late.

8) Allow yourself some playtime, or affection. We all love to be loved and cats are no different.

If you show your cat that they are welcomed, loved and cared for. They will do the same in return.